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"The Familiar Kitchen" Candle and Spice Blend Duo Set

You can get this new, limited-edition “The Familiar Kitchen” candle and South Indian spice blend duo set on Scrumptious Wicks’ website here > 

“The Familiar Kitchen” 8 oz Soy Candle:
This scent was made exclusively for The Familiar Kitchen as an ode to her favorite kitchen ingredients: coconut and ginger! Sometimes when cooking with strong spices, you don’t want your home smelling like them afterwards. And that’s what’s great about this candle! The aroma of sweet coconut and spicy, warm ginger will fill your kitchen with warmth and cheer. Hand-poured in small batches, this cozy candle brings sweetness to your home without having to bake a thing!
“Kerala Masala” 8 oz Spice Blend:
Similar to a traditional South Indian “meat masala,” Ann Ittoop of the food blog, “The Familiar Kitchen,” has curated a warm, sweet, and smoky blend of spices dubbed “Kerala Masala.” This is the very same spice blend she uses when she makes her recipes like the classic South Indian Chicken Curry, Beef Fry, and Masala Roasted Potatoes. She says, “What’s great about this blend is I don’t add any salt or flour fillers like some of the popular shelf brands do sometimes. This allows you to control the flavor of your dish whether you want more or less sodium or heat in your final dish.”
Spices in the blend include fennel seeds, green cardamom, red chilies, curry leaves, cumin, cloves, and ceylon cinnamon. The 8 oz blend comes in a vacuum-sealed bag. Just open the bag, pour the spice blend into the glass jar, and you’re ready to get cooking!

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